Philandering Pundek


Another fat cunt who doesn’t know what he’s on about. This particular fat cunt is an opinionated know-it-all, kote kecik prat. He was famous on TJ at one time for reasons I am going to disclose in a mo.  What a shame that such a cunt can come from parents who are so lovely. This Gumux Git has absolutely no class nor grace and is crass as all get out.  Perhaps it’s HIM who needs to be shot with silver bullets so the philandering phundeque likes of him don’t breed 😡


This is the Fat Cunt with his wife. These two were the talk of TJ once, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault but the wife’s. Upon finding out that her ugly, fat git of a husband was having an affair with a skank of the first water, instead of just keeping it between herself and the Fat Cunt… she. took. it. to. Twitter.


TJ and all it’s denizens were ‘treated’ to all the lurid details of his affair, complete with screen caps of the Facetime chats he had with the pimply skank *facepalm* (she had sneakily checked his iPad without his knowledge). What was worse Mrs Fat Cunt asked all her friends on Twitter to shame and verbally abuse the Fat Cunt on Twitter… ‘back up’ was what she wanted for her rage and grief at being cheated upon at the time.  I know her close friends on TJ and they, being loyal friends, did what she asked her to do. They named and shamed him and started to rail into him with their tweets.

As it turns out, these two eventually patched up. However because she had asked her friends to vilify and shame her husband during their fight, the Fat Cunt turned against all these friends and dug up dirt on all of them and shamed them back instead, on TJ. It got really bad for one of them especially… and I felt sorry for that friend of hers. However this Acik Lipstik Bersepah DIDN’T. STAND. BY. HER. FRIENDS. AT. ALL… she didn’t defend them nor did she do anything to stop her husband from bringing her friends down and shaming them.

I didn’t think that it was on at all… for her to do that. Ko yang suruh kengkawan ko bukak pekung Si Kote Kecik pastu bila Si Kote Kecik buat balik kat kengkawan ko… ko biarkan aje? Apa jenih punya kawan ko ni?!  At the very least stand up for them and stop your husband from making things worse… coz it all came from YOU in the first place. Takdak principle punya orang! Ptuih.

I guess it’s true what they say… “birds of a feather flock together”. The Fat Cunt is without principle so I guess they do belong together.

Nota Bontot:  I purposely blacked out the Fat Cunt’s and his missus’ IDs. I expose their faces… so who already knows, knows.  Those who don’t will just have to be intrepid enough to Google or ask. 😉😎