Watching an episode of M T V ‘s C a t f i s h and this particular episode of a 40-y/o woman who “fell in love” with a so-called 27-y/o guy. (In this episode it turned out that the ‘guy’ was not a guy at all but an obese 31-y/o woman using the pic of a 17-y/o high school senior 🙄)

What baffles me is how women in their 40s think that a relationship with a male in their 20s could possibly work.  I was in my mid-30s and guys in their late 20s expressed interest in me but I never let it go further because… OMG… I just couldn’t find common ground and their (obvious) immaturity annoyed me no end.

Men in their 40s are still children what more men in their 20s?! I am happy for a friend who married a 28-y/o when she was 40… but I am thinking that her case is more of an exception rather than the norm, though. (Well, she seems to be happy… but entahlah pulak, kan?)

I know someone who was nearly 50 who fell in love with a 29-y/o.  I don’t know why she didn’t expect for it to not work out given the huuuuuge gap in age. At any rate, what was she doing being a kertu coquette and even consider ‘dating’ men of that age anyhoos?  Even though it’s just for the sex… I don’t know. Maybe I am judging based on my own values and principles… so admittedly, I am not exactly being fair.

Then again, this is a woman who NEVER discusses her age openly even with her (so-called) closest friends.  She does come across as someone way younger in her posts and the way she is online, whilst never admitting to be of a younger age at the same time she never really indicates exactly how old she really is. I think she purposely keeps it vague, as a way to keep her options open when it comes to guys, I suppose.

Maybe she believes her own ‘hype’, that she is really younger than she is and that is why she probably thinks that relationships with these absolutely younger men would even work.

The realist in me snorts and splutters in cynical disbelief. 🙄


The One That Got Away


Behold… today’s insanity.

She’s implying that Allahyarham K h a i r u l  A z n a m, a boy we both knew when we were still schoolgirls, is “the one who got away” for her.

Let me set, her revisionist history straight.. since this a place that honours facts and the truth and all… 😅

Allahyarham was a very popular boy in VI ~ handsome, personable, fun to be with. At the time even (the then not-yet-famous)  S o f e a   J a n e   H i s h a m  was ga-ga over him.  We had all bonded at a B T N course. Acik Perasan developed a crush on him and started calling him non-stop after that. Allahyarham was kind enough to entertain her, to humour her… He confided in here about all his relationships, his crushes, his feelings for other girls… but in Acik Perasan’s mind, they had something special. Sadly, Allahyarham passed away in his sleep, a few days after Aidilfitri 1997.  It was said that he had suffered a high fever (believed to be meningitis?) a couple of days before that.  He was a good egg, and you know wot they say about the good dying young.. 😭

Even after all these years, because of the lack of sparkle in her life (I presume!) she loves to create melodrama around the anniversary of his passing. The way she speaks of him is as though they had something going. That she was special to him in a “more than friends” way.  He certainly was special to her, in her mind he was her ‘boyfriend’.  At the time of his passing, he was interested in someone else… I know the name of the girl, who is now married (of course) with children. He confided all this in Acik Perasan Tak Hengat (henceforth to be known as APTH)… but noooooooOOOoOOOO… in her mind, Allahyarham  A z n a m  had feelings for her.

He prolly would turn in his grave if he knew how she is going on about him to all and sundry now ~ implying that they had something “going on” of a romantic nature back then.

May you rest in peace and be placed with those whom He favours, mon ami.

إن لله وإن إليه راجعون

اللهم اغفرله وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه


Kalah Tanpa Bertanding

iMessage exchange with Acik Perasan Tak Hengat…



Wot’s rich is that she thinks she was actually IN. THE. RUNNING. to be JLY’s squeeze.

And the casual way she says:

“.. but you know with each man, there’s that one woman friend of his that just rubs you the wrong way..”

Like SHE’S the girlfriend and she has to contend with JLY’s female friends who “rub her the wrong way”. Tak cukup space in my tengkorak to roll my eyes at this woman… OMG!! 🤦🏻‍♀️


Philandering Pundek


Another fat cunt who doesn’t know what he’s on about. This particular fat cunt is an opinionated know-it-all, kote kecik prat. He was famous on TJ at one time for reasons I am going to disclose in a mo.  What a shame that such a cunt can come from parents who are so lovely. This Gumux Git has absolutely no class nor grace and is crass as all get out.  Perhaps it’s HIM who needs to be shot with silver bullets so the philandering phundeque likes of him don’t breed 😡


This is the Fat Cunt with his wife. These two were the talk of TJ once, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault but the wife’s. Upon finding out that her ugly, fat git of a husband was having an affair with a skank of the first water, instead of just keeping it between herself and the Fat Cunt… she. took. it. to. Twitter.


TJ and all it’s denizens were ‘treated’ to all the lurid details of his affair, complete with screen caps of the Facetime chats he had with the pimply skank *facepalm* (she had sneakily checked his iPad without his knowledge). What was worse Mrs Fat Cunt asked all her friends on Twitter to shame and verbally abuse the Fat Cunt on Twitter… ‘back up’ was what she wanted for her rage and grief at being cheated upon at the time.  I know her close friends on TJ and they, being loyal friends, did what she asked her to do. They named and shamed him and started to rail into him with their tweets.

As it turns out, these two eventually patched up. However because she had asked her friends to vilify and shame her husband during their fight, the Fat Cunt turned against all these friends and dug up dirt on all of them and shamed them back instead, on TJ. It got really bad for one of them especially… and I felt sorry for that friend of hers. However this Acik Lipstik Bersepah DIDN’T. STAND. BY. HER. FRIENDS. AT. ALL… she didn’t defend them nor did she do anything to stop her husband from bringing her friends down and shaming them.

I didn’t think that it was on at all… for her to do that. Ko yang suruh kengkawan ko bukak pekung Si Kote Kecik pastu bila Si Kote Kecik buat balik kat kengkawan ko… ko biarkan aje? Apa jenih punya kawan ko ni?!  At the very least stand up for them and stop your husband from making things worse… coz it all came from YOU in the first place. Takdak principle punya orang! Ptuih.

I guess it’s true what they say… “birds of a feather flock together”. The Fat Cunt is without principle so I guess they do belong together.

Nota Bontot:  I purposely blacked out the Fat Cunt’s and his missus’ IDs. I expose their faces… so who already knows, knows.  Those who don’t will just have to be intrepid enough to Google or ask. 😉😎

Antara Pundek dan Kaymark



She met him over a period of 3 days when she went to watch his show in LA. Yesterday she told me that it was her “mensiversary”. I asked apakepundek is a “mensiversary” (inwardly groaning whilst at it). Apparently yesterday marked one whole month since she met him. “Kisah cinta” 3 malam la sangaaaat….

Mokcik Perasan:  Our story is very much like ‘Antara Anyir Dan Jakarta’.

Me: Errm.. the song goes:

Antara Anyir dan Jakarta

KITA jatuh cinta

You fell in love.. he did NOT. You are his fan-friend. That’s it.

Mokcik Perasan: Don’t care lah. To me the hurt is still the same.

Well… you brought this situation upon yourself. I did tell you to manage your expectations. In which frakkin’ UNIVERSE will you end up with him? Ko tu bukan 14 anymore, 46 in a matter of days, OK? 🙄

I seriously question the validity of a political party that would employ someone who is so out of touch with reality. Yes, Parti Bunga, I’m looking at all y’all.