Chinny Chin Chin


So you and your many chins think I am only worth of your sepah? (In the first place bila masa dan bila mana ko ever date Arjun Rampal? 🙄 In your MIND, just like you are in a “relationship” with John Lloyd Young now? LMAO)

Well… at least I have a REAL husband who professes to love me, who takes care of me and keeps me warm at night.

What do YOU have? An IMAGINARY relationship with a Tony Award-winning Broadway star?  Ko mungkin takde cermin kat rumah ko tapi rasanya mamat tu belum buta lagi…

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It’s utterly TRAGIC.

You’re already 46 but still living with your head in the clouds, in your fanciful dreams that have no chance of ever becoming reality.